We all love to hear praises. There are guests coming to your house, and you want your apartments to rent in Birmingham Al being praised by them. How to get to hear those lovely words? Make your house look beautiful with decorative pieces, clean and organize your house but them too something is missing- the smell. Make your house smell beautiful so that people love to come back to your house and wonder what makes it so different from others. Here are some simple ways to make your home smell beautiful.

First and foremost is cleaning the house and throwing all the garbage. This might not make the house smell beautiful, but it will make it hygienic and smell fresh which is most important. While is this to make it smell fresh what can be done to make it smell beautiful. Yes, air fresheners can do well but what are the natural ways to make it smell nice-

  • Flowers- fresh flowers are the best way to make the room smell heavenly. Choose flowers to decorate your house and also spread great smell all around.
  • Candles- Candles are used as decorative pieces. Designed candles are common in most houses. Lit these candles sometimes. Buy candle of different flavors to make the house smell different each time. For a romantic evening or dinner with your partner, scented candles are a must to set up a relaxing mood.
  • Love cakes, cookies, and biscuits- put them to bake just a few minutes before the doorbell rings and then see the magic in your apartments to rent in Birmingham Al. The smell of freshly baked cookies and cakes can beat no other.
  • Put water to boil and all some lemon grass or vanilla essence according to your choice and mood. You can choose between fruity flavors and romantic smells like that of lavender according to your likings.
  • Cleaning curtains, drapes and cushion covers with fragrant detergents can also add smell to the house. Use gentle smell detergents which have the flowery or lemony smell; this gives the apartment an attracting smell.
  • Make your potpourri at home

Use essential oils like lemongrass, vanilla extract or lavender. Add them to the bathtub and take a bath. See how you smell and also the house smells and hears what your guests have to say.